Known for his complex lyrical storytelling and versatile ability to jump from style to style, MOP Freedom is one of the fastest rising artists in the hip hop Mecca of Atlanta, GA. In a few short years, he has gone from complete unknown to making national television appearances and releasing a series of increasingly well-received projects.

MOP Freedom’s career started in 2016. Initially releasing posting excerpts of verses and freestyles on his Instagram, he quickly progressed to recording full-fledged tracks. Pouring his life stories and experiences into his songs, he made his official debut with his first full length titled ‘What The Game Was Missing.’ A series of diverse collaborations, it proved that he was an artist with the ability to make a lasting impact.

Building on the success of his debut, MOP went on to release a flurry of singles including ‘Gone Too Soon’ and ‘Do The Dash’, which showcased his rapidly developing abilities. His followup full-length, ‘Tip Of The Iceberg,’ arrived in 2019. The title was telling, as the album showed only a fraction of MOP’s emerging talent.

MOP’s career took another major step forward when he was invited to participate in Netflix’s series ‘Rhythm & Flow.’ While he didn’t win the competition, he did find a national audience and saw his followers and streaming numbers skyrocket after his appearance.

MOP Freedom is currently preparing new music for release later this year and beyond. Having developed an inimitable style and built a deep catalog of premium quality tracks, he has shown he has all the tools needed for a long and prolific career in hip hop.